The 2013 BMW M6 Coupe and Convertible sure looked amazing in pictures, imagine how it would look like on the go? Well imagine no more, we have videos for you. (2 videos total, click read more for 2nd Video)

And more, did we mentioned the optional M Carbon Ceramic Brakes? Option Code 2NK rumors has it that it will cost around $10,000 (CAD), however this is not official we shall provide you with more info when we receive them. 

The Press Release: An innovation designed to deliver precise handling: M carbon-ceramic brakes.

The latest version of the compound high-performance braking system helps give the new BMW M6 Coupe and Convertible outstanding stopping power. Its stand-out features include even lower weight, excellent feel and fade-free performance even under heavy loads. The diameter of the inner-vented and perforated brake disks is 400 millimeters at the front and 396 millimeters at the rear. The six-piston fixed-caliper brakes at the front axle – painted dark blue metallic and complete with the M logo – are radially bolted to the pivot bearing.

The M carbon-ceramic brakes available for the first time for the new BMW M6 Coupe and Convertible (in conjunction with 20-inch M light-alloy wheels) are without parallel worldwide and take the cars’ stopping power to another new level. The brake discs measure 410 millimeters in diameter at the front axle and 396 millimeters at the rear. Made from a new type of carbon-fiber compound ceramic, the discs boast even greater resistance to heat and combine this with significantly reduced rotating masses. The M carbon-ceramic brakes are 19.4 kg (42.8 lb) lighter than the standard-fitted items, yet the innovative material also displays exceptional resistance to wear, and the operating life of the discs is many times that of conventional equivalents. The optional M carbon-ceramic system also sees six-piston fixed-caliper brakes at the front teaming up with single-piston floating-caliper brakes at the rear. The calipers can be identified by their special gold-colored paint finish.

Specifications M Compound Brakes (Standard) M Carbon Ceramic Brakes (optional)

Rotors Steel-aluminum compound Carbon-fiber compound ceramic
Brakes, front Six-piston fixed-caliper Six-piston fixed-caliper
Diameter (mm) 400 x 36 / vented 410 x TBA / vented
Brakes, rear Single-piston floating-caliper Single-piston floating-caliper
Diameter (mm) 396 x 24 / vented 396 x 24 / vented
Color Dark Blue Metallic with colored M Logo Gold with white M Logo
Weight reduction
19.4 kg / 42.8 lb