We have been contemplating for a few days already whether or not we show you this MINI JCW GP, because once again it is not confirmed for the Canadian market. Sold as a limited production run of 2000 units worldwide (Which could include Canada if it passes all the safety regulations) the GP does 8:23 around the Nürburgring-Nordschleife through a twin scroll turbo’ed 1.6 Liter 4 Cylinder with around 220 to 230 Horsepower. The Chassis? Yes it has been lightened the brakes are race spec and the wheels are 4 spoke light weight alloys, there are many light weight race specific parts on the MINI JCW GP. Expected official unveiling around early 2013. UPDATED: Price range will be around the range of $45,000 – $48,000 CAD and at this time will be slated for November 2012 Production for a January 2013 Delivery. (Click read more for full gallery)