The best way to prevent car burglary is never to leave anything valuable in your car. The Driver of this M5 in Europe left his iPad in back seats and his car fell victim of a burglary attempt, luckily for the owner the theives efforts was curbed by his tinted windows making it impossible to the thieve to reach in the grab his iPad. So it seems that tinted windows does more then just keep your car cool. After the Jump for a few more pics. 

Good Reasons to Have Your Car Windows Tinted by cwilson72180

Many people enjoy the dark and mysterious look of tinted windows. It makes you feel like you are riding in a limousine with a powerful celebrity. However, no one realizes there are many other benefits to having your car windows tinted. 

Reduce the Heat
During the Summer months the sun comes glaring through your car windows and windshield and makes your car hot and uncomfortable to ride in. If you tint your car windows, you can reduce the heat from the sun and make it more enjoyable and cool to ride in your car. 

Save Your Skin
Many people don’t think that being in their car can cause danger from the sun. Although some car windows and windshields already do have UV protection, it is not enough to keep you safe from the harmful UV rays from the sun. You can either get your car windows tinted and save your skin from damage or you can wear sunscreen just to take a drive. 

Makes The Glass Harder To Break 
Not only can you protect yourself from the dangers of the sun while riding in your car but when you are parked somewhere, tinted windows can stop car thieves from breaking your windows and stealing your belongings or even your car. The reason for this is because tinted windows are harder to break. Even if they are broken there is still a layer of glass left behind. It is hardly doubtful that the thief will stick around the break the rest of the glass since they want to get in, steal and get out as fast as they can.

Reduce Sunshine Glare
Although we all love the sunshine shining down on us, it is hard to see when driving down the road and the sun gets in our eyes. Tinted windows can be helpful in reducing the glare from the sun and allow us to see better to drive. This makes driving not only easier but safer.

By having tinted windows, you can add privacy from people wanting to look inside your car. This will stop people from trying to steal your personal belongings and even from those nosy neighbors just wanting to see what you have in your car.