At 7°C, summer tires and all-season tires begin to lose traction. BMW Approved Cold Weather Tires have been specially designed to perform where other tires cannot. Increased safety without compromising BMW’s signature, sporting style is what you can expect. Equip your BMW with a BMW Approved Cold Weather Tire Package so that you can stay safe on the road and embrace all that winter has to offer.

Popular Mechanics – In a stopping distance test in the snow between 2 sets of 2 identical cars one set with All Wheel Drive and the other with Front Wheel Drive here are the results:
AWD with All Seasons – 387 ft, 8.50 Seconds
AWD with Winter Tires –  366 ft, 7.97 Seconds
FWD with All Seasons – 383 ft, 8.62 Seconds
FWD with Winter Tires – 374 ft, 8.17 Seconds

In the Greater Toronto and Markham Area winter 2012 is not going to as mild as the last –  Read about it on The Toronto Star

Updated Oct 30 2012

Winter 2012 Specials 
$100 off Steel Wheel Winter Tire Packages
$200 off Alloy Wheel Winter Tire Packages

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