First question you may ask is why do we have Skoda Yetis on a BMW website? Because we are going to be watching a video of identical Skoda Yeti’s with the same engine compete in a snow challenge.  One of the Yetis is Front Wheel Drive (Like the MINI) with winter tires… The other Yeti has four wheel drive (like xDrive) with standard all seasons tires, they will compete in an acceleration, braking and a grip test to see which of these two Yetis will fair in the snow. Watch the video below or click read more for the results of this test.

Summary of Results
The 4 wheel drive Yeti with regular tires accelerated faster.
The Front Wheel Drive Yeti with Winter tires stopped a lot sooner
Winter tires generated 35% more grip.

Verdict: 4 Wheel drive allows you a accelerate faster in the snow, Winter tires allows you to stop faster and provide more grip.

– Skoda Yeti is a small activity vehicle not available in North America and some parts of the world.