The Full Black Panel Multifunction Instrument display has now been confirmed for the Canadian Market 2014 MY BMW 7-Series through an internal memo. Please read the full memo after the jump.

A new Multifunction instrument display (SA6WB) is available on all 7 Series models. This highly advanced instrument display offers a unique visual presentation of the driving experience. For the first time the driver is not only able to change the drive mode in terms of steering, throttle and suspension response, but also choose between colour and graphically adapted visual modes in the instrument display. Comfort Mode as the standard view, ECO PRO Mode (not available on 760Li) with the emphasis on an economical driving style and Sport Mode with the focus on speedometer and rev counter gauges. Navigation instructions and information from the driver assistance systems can now be registered even more easily at a glance. With these features, the new digital presentation distinctly increases the comfort, experience and safety of driving. The new instrument display is certain to impress all tech-savvy customers, however many traditional 7 Series clients may prefer a more traditional instrument readout, hence this new display is offered as a stand-alone option for 14MY.

Archived Information: Starting July production (Est. For September Delivery) MY 2013 F10 BMW 5 Series will have an option (to be confirmed for the Canadian Market) for a full customizable LCD black panel instrument display, what does that mean? No more needles, so it is your choice of the traditional BMW display, or you can have a retro modern look or an ECO pro look, or a sport focused look very similar to the BMW i8. Have a look at all the pictures after the jump.

Edit: Facelifted F01 BMW 7-Series will have this as well. We will post pictures of these new full black panel instruments when the shipment arrives. We will update this page, stay tuned.

Updated Oct 29 2012: The Face-lifted F01 has arrived and we checked each for this feature and still have not found one equipped with this new Enhanced Black Panel yet. Looking through a few sources and it looks like this feature may have been delayed for North America all together. The BMW Germany configuration shows this option available now in Germany on the F10 and F01.

Updated Jan 29 2013: It has been confirmed that this option has been left out of BMW North America and BMW Canada, but BMW is working on creating a version of this enhanced Full Black panel instrument display which may show up on North American cars in the future.