Here is a sneak peek at the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe for those who like the look of the 4 Series Coupe but wish you had 2 more doors, your wish has come true! The 4 Series Gran Coupe in these pictures is equipped with the M-Sport Line and looking really sharp! Pricing is not yet available but it is expected to be a premium over the BMW 3 Series Sedan.

BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-1 BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-2 BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-3 BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-4 BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-5 BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-6 BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-7 BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-8BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-9a BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-9b BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-9cBMW-4-GC-1 BMW-4-GC-2 BMW-4-GC-3 BMW-4-GC-4