The Verdict

First and second place were clear. First goes to the 320i, with its easygoing, composed chassis. It’s the most eager to go driving in by a long shot. Knocks against it: It’s weaker on wind-noise abatement and doesn’t come with as many features*, although there are plenty of a la carte options to inflate the final price. Second sits the Regal, exceptionally outfitted with goodies including a heated steering wheel and AC power receptacle and boasting ride comfort for all ages. There’s no embarrassment in (inadvertently) taking it through a canyon.

The votes tied the CC and CLA250, circling us back to the standoff that initiated the whole adventure. Needing to break the stalemate for third place, we flipped through the yeas and nays for the two. The CC: simple and elegantly executed, if a bit bland, and it’s definitely showing its age. The CLA250: The fuel economy (both the EPA estimate and Real MPG) is impressive, and it looks neat, but nobody mentioned the driving experience as a positive.

4th Place: Mercedes-Benz CLA250
It’ll be a star when rough-riding luxury cars become all the rage.

3rd Place: Volkswagen CC 2.0T R-Line
Beauty craving more substance.

2nd Place: Buick Regal T
Nearly bucked the “3 Series always win” trend.

1st Place: BMW 320i
Prepared for any road, anywhere, any time.

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*Keep in mind: This review makes references to Prices and Packages for the US Market BMW 320i.

Entry-Level-Luxury-Sedan-front-end-in-motion_small Entry-Level-Luxury-Sedan-rear-three-quarter-in-motion_small

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