2015 MINI Paceman Life Cycle Impulse – The MINI Paceman launched in 2013 as the fifth member of the MINI family. The second MINI to offer ALL4 all wheel drive, the second largest MINI in the family offers MINI typical driving excitement with a more spacious and functional interior. The rear passenger area features two individual sport seats vs a traditional bench offering a unique lounge like atmosphere.


The MINI Paceman is about to embark on a Life Cycle Impulse as of July Production which is also the start of Model Year 2015. This Life Cycle Impulse will highlight the MINI Paceman’s sleek coupé design and further differentiate it from its other siblings in the MINI Family.
Please note, in international press publications the Cooper S engine is described as benefitting from a slight increase in power output. This is not relevant to the North American market. Engine specifications will remain unchanged for our market through this life cycle impulse.


Exterior Highlights:
-2 New Exterior Paints – Midnight Grey Metallic and Jungle Green Metallic
-2 New Alloy Wheels – 17” Triangle Spoke Alloy Wheel – Standard Cooper & Cooper S ALL4 (also available in Anthracite as optional upgrade)

-New LED Foglights as optional (halogen foglights discontinued)

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