Timing is Everything

Buying a new car at the right time can yield a huge pay off. In fact, you can save thousands of dollars on your new car purchases! So, the question remains, when IS the best time to buy?

In order to come up with an answer, you must understand how car dealers operate. Lucky for you, we’re a high volume BMW dealer with one of the largest BMW inventories in Canada and we’re here to give you the inside scoop! Time and time again, there are articles that claim December is the best time to make a new car purchase. This is invariably true because the end of the year is closing in. Dealerships and car manufacturers are pushing to meet or -hopefully- exceed their annual goals.

What about January and February?

December isn’t the only ideal time to purchase a new car. There are so many individuals who flock into the dealership in December in order to take advantage of special holiday offers that, by January, things tend to slow down significantly. If there’s another rule of thumb to follow, we would suggest that shoppers visit dealerships when demand is low. You’ll be more likely to save compared to shoppers who purchase when the dealership is at the height of demand. Demand tends to be lower when weather conditions aren’t ideal as well. On snowy days in January, there’s a decrease in demand. That’s another reason why January should be seen as an attractive month to purchase a vehicle. By neglecting January and early February, months where demand is lower than usual, you could very well be missing out on thousands of dollars in savings.

Remaining Inventory

When sales are strong up until the end of December, dealers still push in January to meet or exceed goals and to sell remaining 2015 inventory. As soon as new cars from 2016 are on the lot, you can expect to receive attractive offers on brand new cars from the previous year- simply because they are from the previous model year. These remaining 2015 model vehicles are brand new, yet dealers are willing to provide steep discounts on these vehicles to make space for the new 2016 models. Manufacturers also provide incentives for customers to purchase remaining inventory. So visit the dealership now before all remaining 2015 models are sold. It’s your best chance at an unbeatable deal.

Key Takeaway

Sometimes, going against the grain is better. While everyone rushes to car dealerships in December, go in January. You can save up to thousands of dollars on your new car purchase!

Even our Dealership has Shifted Most of our Focus to Selling Remaining 2015 Model Vehicles

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