“What if I want to go to X?” “Will an electric vehicle be able to handle that?”

If you’re in the market for an EV but have range anxiety- the fear that an electric vehicle has insufficient range to reach its destination- you’re not alone. While there are clear benefits in driving an electric vehicle, concerns about range and battery degradation tend to hinder EV adoption…but is this something you should worry about? As it turns out, electric vehicles can handle an average person’s daily travel needs with ease. While EVs are not a great fit for everyone- let’s approach the topic of EVs in an informative manner that helps you determine whether an EV would suit your specific driving needs. In other words, we need to stop making range anxiety an issue for the large number of Canadians for which an EV would actually be a great fit.


Is an Electric Vehicle Suitable for YOU?

Range anxiety rarely involves looking at daily travel scenarios, but looks at the idea of “If I wanted to go to X, could my EV get me there?” This is the problem. Peter Bronski, Director of Program Marketing at Rocky Mountain Institute says it best: “You don’t see a construction foreman with a need for a work truck buy a two-door Honda Fit and then complain about its extremely limited payload capacity. You get the vehicle that matches your needs and wants, whatever the overriding criteria of importance are- cool factor, upfront cost, safety, clearance and 4WD, fuel economy, etc.”

So the question remains, is an electric vehicle suitable for you? Let’s consider these facts and see how well it stacks up against the BMW i3- an all-electric two-time World Car of the Year award winner. According to Stats Canada, the typical Canadian drives 18,000 kilometers per year- or around 54 kilometers per day. This is approximately a mere third of the BMW i3’s range! That means if you fall within the immense category of Canadians that commute for 54 kilometers per day, you’re definitely in the clear. If your daily commute doesn’t fit that profile and it’s double that of an average Canadian at 108 kilometers…good news, an electric vehicle can still satisfy all your driving needs!

The BMW i3 is a five-door urban electric car developed to satisfy most urban dwellers’ daily driving needs with an approximate range of 130 to 160 km- estimated based on everyday weather and driving conditions. BMW also offers a range extender (“REx”) option powered by a 647 cc two-cylinder gasoline engine with a small fuel tank that engages when the battery level drops to a pre-specified point, acting as a generator to produce electricity to extend the range to between 260 and 290 km in everyday driving conditions.

It is safe to say that an EV would make a great vehicle choice for a number of Canadians and we hope that this article has helped you make a more informed decision as to whether you’d like to go electric. As more and more people across the globe call their own values into question and think about how they could live more aware lives, we’re likely to see a surge in EVs on the road. In fact, the government is currently offering incentives to switch to all-electric vehicles!


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