Justin Ni always carries a high level of passion and professionalism when it comes to ensuring his customers’ needs are being met. These attributes have certainly differentiated him as a sales consultant since he began his career at BMW Markham 7 years ago. From day one, Justin made a significant impact on sales and customer service satisfaction at BMW Markham. The recipe? One part passion for customer service and another part love for BMW vehicles. Mix the two parts together and you have Justin Ni- a 4-time recipient of BMW’s M Sales Award. He is one of only 5 people in the entire world who has won the BMW M Sales Award 4 consecutive times!

Recently, Justin spent a couple of days at an exclusive BMW M Sales Award ceremony where he got to experience the vibrant city of Barcelona and delve deeper into the world of BMW M! On behalf of everyone at BMW Markham, congratulations Justin- you truly deserve this as a show of recognition for your hard work and dedication.

first img- justin barcelona trip

W hotel img

Upon arrival, Justin and other recipients of the BMW M Sales Award checked into the luxurious W hotel designed by world-famous architect Ricardo Bofill. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this hotel offers a truly unforgettable view!

track img

That same evening, award recipients and their guests had an exclusive dinner in the heart-beating metropolis directly on the Mediterranean Sea. After a relaxing night at the W Hotel, award recipients made their way to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. From there, Justin and fellow BMW M Sales Award winners, got behind the wheel of BMW M vehicles and powered through the race track! Rebuilt several times, this extraordinarily unique track now has a total length of 4.655 km with long-drawn out turns and varied combinations. With professional guidance from BMW Driving Experience instructors, Justin was able to drive through challenging turns, top speed-passages and tight chicanes. We’re happy you had the chance to experience the power and dynamic feel of the first-ever BMW M2 Coupe from behind the steering wheel!

Award winners then took a quick lunch break before they had the opportunity to spend more time on this legendary Grand Prix circuit.

M cars in barcelona

justin and other winner 2 IMG_5667 retouched Justin's swag from Barcelona

Justin- we hope you had an excellent getaway in Barcelona! Cheers to many more unforgettable moments as you enjoy continued success in helping our valued customers find their dream BMW vehicles!

At BMW Markham, we pride ourselves on building long standing relationships with our customers. Thanks to our amazing sales consultants like Justin Ni, we are able to be #1 in Customer Service Satisfaction! Come visit us at the corner of Kennedy and Highway 407 to see the difference it makes to shop at BMW Markham. Click here to meet our amazing team at BMW Markham!