BMW Track Days offer customers the chance to experience what our cars are really made of. For this reason, we are thrilled to join Pfaff in offering our customers unique track day experiences throughout the year!

On June 29th, BMW Markham joined Pfaff BMW for the very first time on the renowned 3.957-km (2.459-mi.) Grand Prix track at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. This high-speed circuit comprises 10 turns and several dramatic elevation changes that confront drivers with an exciting variety of challenges on every lap.

June 29 2017 BMW Track Day 012-min

It may be a wet start to the summer, but that didn’t stop everyone from coming out to enjoy a great day at the track. The incredible staff from Apex Driving Training braved the weather alongside all of the drivers and ensured everyone was navigating safely despite the wet conditions. In fact, a lot of the drivers reported to have enjoyed the wet conditions as they learned more on the wet track than they would have on a dry track!

June 29 Pfaff Track Day- P4-min

Track day participants were split into three groups based on their level of track experience. Beginners were slowly familiarized with the track and learned how to maneuver on the skidpad in the wet conditions while intermediate and advanced drivers explored the limits of their BMW dynamics on the Grand Prix track.

June 29 2017 BMW Track Day 022-min-min

It was an incredible day. We’re thrilled that a little rain didn’t stop these passionate drivers from having a blast!

June 29 2017 BMW Track Day 029-min

Our BMW Track Days demonstrate that driving pleasure and driving safety are not mutually exclusive. Follow us on Facebook for information about our next BMW track day. Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope you join us again to relive the motorsport passion.

June 29 2017 BMW Track Day 439-min