The BMW Vision iNEXT

The most beautiful place to drive is inside the BMW Vision iNEXT. It represents the vision of a vehicle that drivers know they can trust, so they can relax on any road as if they were sitting at home. All-electric, highly automated, and fully connected, the BMW Vision iNEXT makes new traveling experiences possible. At Pfaff BMW Markham, we are not just in the business of facilitating the sale of high-end BMW vehicles to our valued customers. We are also in the business of informing the public about new BMW Concept vehicles coming down the pipeline. If you are looking to learn more about the BMW Vision iNEXT, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we share some information about the BMW Concept vehicle: The BMW Vision iNEXT. 

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Interior is the place to be 

The interior, re-envisioned: The BMW Vision iNEXT breaks with tradition to reinterpret mobile quality of life. The interior is especially inviting with its interplay of fine woods and hand-woven Jacquard fabric as well as Alcantara in Purus Rosé, a colour that perfectly supplements the furniture-like, open design of the various elements. A coffee table that appears as if it is hovering offers a special highlight. Its fine, open-pore wood surface with jacquard fabric sits upon an illuminated crystal shell that stretches to the rear compartment, adding a further touch to the lounge atmosphere.

Shaping a vision for the future 

You only need one look to realize that the BMW Vision iNEXT is ahead of its time. Large surfaces and precise lines, some of which feature blue accents, make the car seem as if it was made from one piece. Its understated design language contrasts with the elaborate paint finish and the eye-catching detailing: The Liquid Greyrose Copper exterior gradually changes in shade from warm copper to dark rose and injects the vehicle with dynamic flair even when stationary. The windscreen merges seamlessly into a large panoramic roof, giving the vehicle’s body a light appearance and opening up the interior even more. The large, interlinked double-kidney grille, the iconic side window graphic, as well as the blue accents clearly highlight the BMW i genes.

High-tech is an understatement

Practically invisible, but always available. At first glance, the only displays are in the driver’s area: there are no other displays or buttons to be seen. In the future, technology will no longer be the focus; people will be the focus. Surfaces such as wood or fabric are controllable via gesture or voice control, so digital technologies only become visible when the driver or passengers want to use them. It’s an intelligent step towards the future.

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