Looking for a 2020 BMW i3 

The BMW i3 marks the start of a new chapter of mobility. One that’s defined by all-electric performance, efficiency, and style. Where pure agility and impressive acceleration leave zero tail-pipe emissions. And where an electric vehicle finally performs like a BMW. Because it is one. If you are looking for a new electric BMW vehicle, then why not check out the 2020 BMW i3 at our Pfaff BMW Markham dealership today. The BMW i3 is a very high-end eclectic vehicle that should be experienced by anyone looking to make the switch to a low emissions option. In this article, we share some information about a few of the features of the 2020 BMW i3 for your research. 

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BMW eDrive and EfficientDynamics 

BMW’s eDrive technology originates from many years of EfficientDynamics development and research. EfficientDynamics helps deliver vehicle technology that increases consumption efficiency. This lowers overall emissions while increasing performance and exhilaration. As an extension to EfficientDynamics, the eDrive system features an all-electric motor that provides incredible torque and exhilaration from a standstill. It also combines innovative lithium-ion battery technology with a heating/cooling system for intelligent energy management. This helps keep the battery at an ideal operating temperature for maximum efficiency and overall performance.

Pure performance 

Adrenaline rushes just as fast in kilowatts. The all-electric motor of the BMW i3 boasts 170 hp and a maximum torque of 184 lb-ft. The full torque is available from a standstill giving this EV the high-performance feel inherent in every BMW. Accelerating from 0–60 in approximately 7 seconds, the i3 maneuvers with impressive agility in just about every situation. The vehicle’s extraordinarily small turning circle of 32.3 feet and precise steering setup further enhance the agile handling of the i3. Equally impressive is its silent driving experience. Efficiency has never sounded better.

A dynamic exterior 

The smooth, streamlined shape of the BMW i3 is driven by efficiency and aerodynamics. The streamflow design brings more light into the interior for a brighter, more airy space. The silhouette of the vehicle merges the window surfaces throughout the car to provide great visibility in nearly any driving situation.

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