Learn about BMW sustainability 

For the BMW Group, sheer driving pleasure extends far beyond mobility. This is because the topic of sustainability is a key issue for the brand and one in which they make no concessions. In the past years and decades, BMW has already set significant standards in the life cycle assessment of their vehicles, starting with the resources used, through energy consumption, to the recycling rate. In the coming years, BMW will continuously expand their far-reaching electrification strategy and offer 25 electrified models in 2023. If you want to learn more about BMW sustainability, then we encourage you to continue reading this article by Pfaff BMW Markham. 

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The production of BMW vehicles 

BMW knows how to think of sustainability holistically. This is why they apply leverage during the development and production of their vehicles. BMW’s goal is a sustainable value chain that covers its own needs with recyclates and renewable raw materials, including energy supply. Admittedly, BMW has not arrived there yet, they but have already achieved pioneering successes on the way. It is not only the handling of resources that plays such a key role in BMW Group’s business model but also the reduction of CO2 emissions. Due to the increasing proportion of electrified models and the manufacture of their high-voltage batteries and intensive use of energy and resources this entails, BMW has to integrate particularly far-reaching measures along with the value-added chain with respect to reducing CO2. 

Use of recycled materials 

On the way to sustainable, resource-saving, and future-proof production, the recycling of materials is an essential factor, which BMW uses as leverage. Alongside the intelligent planning of their products, the reuse of materials in the form of recycled substances is also firmly anchored in BMW’s value-added chain. All in all, BMW can now already recycle the waste generated in their internal production to a level of 99%.

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