Looking for a 2020 BMW 3 Series

At Pfaff BMW Markham, our customers can find the exact vehicles they are looking for. From SUVs and sedans to coupes and sports cars, brand new or pre-owned, at our dealership, there is something for everyone. If you are looking to find a 2020 BMW 3 Series in the Markham area, then our dealership is the place where you need to be. The first step in deciding to purchase a vehicle is to research that vehicle thoroughly. This includes doing your own online research, scheduling a test drive in the vehicle, and then comparing the results with other vehicles that are similar. In this article by Pfaff BMW Markham, we share some information about a few of the features of a 2020 BMW 3 Series. 

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This vehicle is very connected 

The BMW 3 Series comes with Connected Package Plus. This gives people access to up-to-the-minute traffic conditions. It also allows for remote door unlocking, which could come in handy when other people need to get things out of the car. In the rare case that the car is stolen, its location can be tracked. This tracking feature also means that the possibility of not remembering a parking location has been eliminated.

All-wheel-drive capabilities 

For those customers who find themselves dealing with snow- or ice-covered roads or another slippery terrain, the xDrive sedans are available. The 2020 BMW 3 Series has four total options, including the 330i xDrive and the M340i xDrive. Rather than depending on the rear-wheel-drive system that the other models use, the xDrive models have an intelligent four-wheel-drive system. It’s always monitoring how the wheels are doing in terms of making good contact with the road, and adjustments are made as necessary.

State-of-the-art safety technology 

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. For those times when other cars seemingly stop out of nowhere or pedestrians are suddenly in the road, the 2020 BMW 3 Series comes with a standard forward-collision warning. If an accident seems imminent, the car will warn drivers in order to prompt them to take action. The sedan can hit the brakes in case the driver doesn’t have a chance to react in time.

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