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Italdesign’s first prototype was the Italdesign M12, it was built due to Italdesign’s desire to make an entry into the Supercar market. The M12 is fitted with a version of the S70 V12 engine found in the BMW 750i and 850i at the time. Italdesign’s founder penned the M12 but before the car can go into production Giorgetto Giugiaro wanted to revise it’s design.

Giugiaro has completely revamped the M12 styling into what is known as the Italdesign C2. In addition to the updated styling the Italdesign C2 also featured an Alpina tuned version of the S70 V12 found in the M12. This engine is the same one you will find in the Alpina tuned 7 Series of the time called the Alpina B12.
The Nazca C2 never saw production, only 3 was ever produced and it is still being driven by it’s owners today. It’s general shape can now be found in modern BMWs such as the BMW i8, and I am happy to report will come into production 2014-2015.

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