Tire Repair near Me

It has happened to everyone. You’re driving, and suddenly your vehicle is no longer performing as it should. You pull over to discover a hole in your tire or debris embedded in it.

Drivers around Markham, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan, Ontario, might wonder where to get their tires repaired. BMW Markham has a service centre with highly trained technicians that can repair your vehicle’s tires.

When Can a Tire Be Repaired Rather Than Replaced?

Sometimes a tire can be repaired instead of replaced. There are a few criteria that can dictate whether a tire gets replaced, including:

  • If the tire has been driven on
  • Where the damage is located
  • How large the puncture is

A tire can be repaired if it has not been driven on after it has gone flat.

Is the damage to your tire on the tread? Then your tire can likely be repaired.

If the puncture to your tire is under 1/4 of an inch, it can likely be repaired.

What’s Involved in a Tire Repair

What’s Involved in a Tire Repair?

Tire repairs involve removing the tire from your vehicle. While the tire is removed, a patch is added to the inside of the tire. This patch plugs in the hole from the inside. As the tire is repaired, our technicians will thoroughly inspect it to ensure it is safe to continue driving.

Some technicians employ a tire plug and patch repair. A tire plug is considered a quicker fix and fills the whole from the outside. It is not recommended only to use a tire plug. Combined with the tire patch, this repair prevents air from escaping your tire and helps it remain on the road longer.

On the chance your tire does need to be replaced, our tire and wheel shop can help you find a tire that’s the correct size for your vehicle.

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If your vehicle is in need of a tire repair, the service centre at BMW Markham can help. While your car is with us, drivers across Markham, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan, ON, will experience the Pfaff Difference.

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